PinCo creates automatically a beautiful collage out of any pinterest board.
Want to download a collage of your wedding board or the fashion board you followed? Now you can do this magically simple!

UPDATE: Now you have 4 different tile sizes to use in your collage. Check out the new version of PinCo in the Chrome Web Store

PinCo - the one and only collage tool for Pinterest - got new FUNCTIONALITY and new DESIGN to make you have more FUN creating beautiful collages!

The new image browser panel let’s you select any image even multiple times and the you can exclude any image too.

Create beautiful wallpapers, mood boards, presentations… share them, pin them, like them and tell us: how do you use PinCo?

Get PinCo in the Chrome Web Store.

UPDATE PinCo Pinterest Collage Maker

Fresh news: A better version of PinCo, the only Pinterest collage maker, got just published in the Chrome Web Store. Check it out! 

Soon there will be filters available, similar to those in Instagram, for an even better experience! 

Another TIP: Instead of navigating to a board you can also just search for a term. Here are some collages I just created while searching for countries like Greece, Bulgaria, Philippines and Brazil.





Isn’t that beautiful? Well, the last one is maybe not as expected but funny ;)

Now show me your collages you made!

Create your own collage for Pinterest with PinCo

With PinCo, the new Chrome extension for Pinterest, you can automatically create beautiful collages out of any Pinterest board.

How do I do this?

  1. Simply visit the Chrome App Store and press the “+ Add To Chrome”-Button. (If you do not use Chrome, you have to install Chrome first. You will not regret it!)
  2. Go to or any Pinterest Board you like and press the button “Create Collage” which should appear in the upper row next to “Add Pin+”.
  3. A Chrome tab opens now and the collage is displayed.
  4. Customize the collage with dragging the pictures or zooming in/out using the mouse wheel. Or click on “reorder” to randomize the grid. You can also swap images by dragging them around.
  5. Press the “save”-button to be able to download a JPG-file.
  6. Right-click on the image and “save as…” desired.

TIP: After downloading the JPG-file you can order a physical print at any poster printing service you like! Would this not be a perfect  Christmas present for your friends and family? First you have to create the collage with PinCo, then you have to save it as a file.jpg and finally you have to order it a printing service like Zazzle.

Here are some examples what can be done with PinCo (actual file size is much higher):